An incremental strategy game, explore and conquer a fantasy world where there is always more!

Discover - Build - Fight

On mobile and pc


Build your village

... and evolve it into a shining city

Dozens of buildings await you including unique Wonders.

Fill in 8 districts including the commercial area, producing and crafting and living quarters.

Do you want your town to be a beacon of faith in Theresmore? Build temples and conclaves!
Do you want to resist every assault? Build solid walls and fortify with ballistae and magic towers.


Manage your population

... according to the needs of your city or your strategy

Never let your settlement run out of food or building materials.

Farmers will produce the food while lumberjacks and miners work hard to produce the raw materials needed for urban development.

Increase warehouses so that resources will never be in short supply!

Manage your army

Archers, warriors, knights and siege machines ...

Enlist mercenaries if you have plenty of gold or use warrior monks if your magic power is strong enough.

Plan your attacks or keep your troops in defense so that no one can undermine your walls.

The commander, a unique unit within your army, can be improved with spells and superior equipment.

Dozens of different units are ready to serve you in the conquest of Theresmore!



Invent your currency and build a market

Thanks to its fluctuations you can buy or sell goods when they yield more.

Used in the right way it will be your main source of income, don't underestimate it!

Explore Theresmore

... with scouts and veteran explorers

Discover dens, lairs, caverns, camps of enemies to subjugate with your mighty army.

Use spies to gain an advantage, knowing the enemy will guarantee a victory.

Not all enemies are as weak as a kobold or as cowardly as bandits. You will face trolls, wyverns, vampires, demons and monsters ready to plunder your settlement.



Trade and fight

Theresmore is a living heath of kingdoms ready to ally or fight against you.

Offer gifts to the kingdoms that inspire your trust or declare war on those who are unworthy.

Undertake long expeditions and discover the kingdoms of the far east or the ruins of an ancient civilization.

Science and Magic

Discover hundreds of researches and spells to advance through the ages

From the Bronze Age to the Industrial Age and beyond, guide your people to a glorious destiny.

By praying to the ancient gods you will have a way to channel their powers by consuming mana, the magical power of Theresmore. The gods will grant us their blessing to increase our productions or to help our army in battle!


Stats and Achievements

Break your own records

Keep track of statistics and seek higher and higher heights!

Collect all achievements, each of them will give you a permanent bonus in all your games.

Find all legendary trophies and challenge Theresmore on the highest level of difficulty.